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Serving America's Educators
5 Movies That Will Improve Your Teaching

5 Movies That Will Improve Your Teaching

With COVID-19 keeping most of us indoors, it's the perfect time for Professional Development. Yes, that's right teachers - more Professional Development is closer than you think. Fortunately for all of us, I am not talking about sitting in auditorium or lunchroom listening to presentations all day ... we have a way to keep working on your craft from the comfort of your home!

Professional Development is all around us - if we just look hard enough. Here are 5 movies that will help improve your teaching: 

Richard Jewell: A reminder that true authenticity and transparency is rare in today’s world. As teachers, authenticity and transparency with students will build long meaningful relationships.

Parasite: A movie that’ll help you widen your cultural responsive lens through heartache and unlimited freedom. This movie will help you better understand your diverse student population. 

Bad education: A red light reminder to never mess with the honeys or the moneys. 

Dope: A film that reminds you to never judge a book by its cover. Bad or good assumptions about your students have no place in education.

American Son: A classic reminder about how diverse our students are and how important our job is to help them better understand the real world. We play an integral part in preparing them for the real world - though it may not be something we remember every day. The way we treat our students, the way we treat each other, and the language we use shapes how they see the world - whether we realize it or not.

Remember: opportunities are everywhere to develop your craft. Thinking outside the box leads to creative ideas that will ultimately help your students. 


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