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Serving America's Educators
Roles Reversed: Teachers need their students now more than ever!

Roles Reversed: Teachers need their students now more than ever!

How many of y’all have been watching more TV than ever, making unnecessary trips to the fridge, and are obsessively picking every weed on your lawn? Yeah, me too!

As teachers, we always expected to be there for our students no matter what ... until COVID-19 came and the world shifted to online learning. Here is a quick list of what disappeared overnight:

•extracurricular activities

Before COVID-19, online teaching was mostly teaching English to foreign student at crazy hours through out the night. Now it is at our feet - and teachers are hurting without their students. In a recent poll on Twitter, teachers voted for what they miss the most: Noise!

It is in our DNA to teach through the noise and be the conductor of organized chaos. We are lost without our students, and we need them now more than ever. We miss their voices, questions, and smiles - all of what made teaching worth it.

With New York State announcing today they’re shutting down schools for the rest of the school year - other states are likely to follow. If so, then we have to patiently wait for students voices, questions, and smiles to return in August..hopefully!

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