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Texas Coffee Tour Pt. 1

Texas Coffee Tour Pt. 1

Summer time is the perfect excuse for a little getaway with your family or significant other. There is just something about packing up for a few days and hitting the road. In my opinion, a road trip should be spontaneous and full of new experiences.

Kerri Lynn and I decided to hit the Texas roads for a few days and here’s a short summary of what took place:

Fredericksburg, Texas

(Texas Hill Country Vineyards)

Our first stop was in the historic German town called Fredericksburg, TX. Nestled in the hill country, this town is known for its delicious peaches and vineyards with majestic views. The main attraction is a shopping strip with local souvenir shops and cafes everywhere. One of our favorite stops was the Navajo Grill, located just off the strip. This restaurant had quality service, exceptional food, and the wine was just right. Our second favorite spot was the peach farm we stopped at just before leaving town - Das Peaches. On the menu was homemade peach ice cream (covered in peach sauce!) and baseball-sized peaches ... thaaaat we finished before getting back to the car. 

Our favorite coffee shop in Fredericksburg was Caliche Coffee Bar, whic was located on the west end of the strip. These local roasters were masters of their craft. We ordered a pour over and a cortado, and the pour over was a Mexican bean that had similar notes to our Organized Chaos blend. 


Austin, Texas 

(Downtown Austin)


Our second stop was in the fast growing city of Austin, TX, which is an hour and half east of Fredericksburg. Austin is the mecca of specialty coffee, so it was a no brainer to stop here while on our Texas Coffee Tour. You can find coffee shops on every corner driving down Congressional Blvd.


San Antonio, Texas 

(San Antonio Riverwalk)


Our last stop was in San Antonio, TX. We arrived in the city early morning, grabbed (really good) coffee, and drove back down to Corpus Christi, Texas. 

A quick, short getaway was the perfect cure after being in quarantine for the last 3 months! That wraps up part one of our Texas Coffee Tour, check out part two here

Until next time,


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