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Serving America's Educators
The First Rule of Being a Teacher: Be Teachable

The First Rule of Being a Teacher: Be Teachable

Summer time is perfect for reflection, self care, and progress. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that teachers do more with less and are constantly learning through sheer will. As we all look forward to what classrooms will like this fall, others are wondering what Professional Development will entail. 

Professional Development has shown to be helpful but the responsibility falls on the teachers. I guess that's why we have classrooms filled with mediocre teachers. Chances are you’re one of them. Yes, I just called you an average teacher - and  believe me, on some days I am that teacher too. We get certified in our content area and then we become complacent to teach in our field for the next 20 years. 

As a teacher, you are responsible for your own professional development, for forwarding your career, and for being teachable when you become unfamiliar. 

In his article called The World’s Worst Boss, Seth Godin said, “If you had a manager that talked to you the way you talked to you, you’d quit. If you had a boss that wasted as much of your time as you do, they’d fire her. If an organization developed its employees as poorly as you are developing yourself, it would soon go under.”

Simply put, being your own teacher is taking control of your life. Here are a few examples of how you can do that this summer:

-Learn a new skill

-Get a second education 

-Start a side business

-Be an active member in your community

-Start a blog

Remaining teachable allows you to differentiate yourself from other teachers. The value of being able to be a versatile teacher (teaching online, proficient with different online platforms, blended learning, etc) is priceless in 2020. 

Teach on, 


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