Serving America's Educators
Serving America's Educators

Drink Coffee. Help Teachers!

With every purchase, TwentyFive-Eight will give a portion of all sales to supplies for educators.

The Mission

Our brand, TwentyFive-Eight, is the only coffee company in the U.S. that gives back to educators. Our goal is to ease their workload, help with supplies, and support educators during the long school hours.
Why do teachers need support?
Some facts about what is going on in the classroom
What is 25/8?
Who are we?
Drink up!
Snag some coffee for home, the classroom, or for your favorite teacher

The Data

58% of classroom teachers describe their mental health as "not good".

Stressed and unhappy teachers lead to unhappy students.

Nearly 2/3 of all teachers say their job is "always stressful!"

"Always stressful" can lead to some health concerns.

A recent Gallup poll shows that almost 1⁄2 of the teachers in the U.S say they are actively looking for a new job other than teaching.

Teachers Wanted!! We need them to continue teaching the next generation!

On average, a teacher spends $500 out-of-pocket a year on classroom supplies.

Well that doesn't sound fair.


Multitasker Blend

$15.99 USD

30 + Desks

$15.99 USD

About Us

Who we are?
We are Joey and Kerri, the founders of TwentyFive-Eight. We both come from the world of education. Joey is a high school teacher and coach and Kerri is a scientific researcher and educator. Teaching and coffee have been two our biggest passions that turned into 25/8 coffee.
  1. What is TwentyFive-Eight?

    25/8 represents every teacher who sacrifices an extra hour and day to grade papers, design innovative lesson plans, and put their student's interests first.

  2. Why Coffee?

    We know that teachers are passionate about two things - their students and their coffee! We know coffee is what starts the day for so many of us - so, why not create our very own coffee dedicated to giving back to teachers?

    We have collaborated with a Veteran-owned Texas coffee roaster called Alamo Coffee Company. We have handpicked our beans to create specialty coffees for teachers. By using specialty beans, we ensure you are getting a high quality, ethical coffee.


    We know our specialty coffee will start your morning with a purpose, while giving you an opportunity to give back to passionate teachers. With every purchase, you're contributing classroom supplies to teachers.