Serving America's Educators
Serving America's Educators

Our Why

TwentyFive-Eight Coffee was launched because of two reasons - to help teachers with supplies while enjoying great tasting coffee! We have combined both in order to bring awareness to issues in the educational world while staying energetic with specialty coffee throughout our day.

TwentyFive-Eight is a 100% teacher-owned coffee company. 

Our full time schedules as teachers has made it challenging to run an online business, but as teachers we are proficient in multitasking. Every decision we have made with our coffee company has been with a teacher first mentality. From our specialty coffee beans, logos, labels, packaging and website our focus is to shine the spotlight on teachers. Our partners at Alamo Coffee Company have the resources to roast on demand to ensure you are getting fresh whole bean coffee on every delivery. 

We hope that you join us on this journey to help teachers while enjoying what teachers like to do best - drink coffee!

Drink Coffee, Help Teachers. 

-Joey and Kerri