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Serving America's Educators
3 Ways to Help Teachers Conquer Virtual Interviews.

3 Ways to Help Teachers Conquer Virtual Interviews.

Teachers, it’s that time of year where contracts, evaluations, and exit meetings are usually on school district’s agendas. Preparing for the next school has never been as important as it is today. Rumors of delaying the start of school has teachers in limbo of whether to apply for new opportunities. Covid-19 has moved everything online and districts must innovate quickly to renew, evaluate, and secure teachers for next year.

In the midst of all the stressful news surrounding school closures and stay at home orders, there is a bright spot: Zoom interviews! If you are looking for advancement in your district (or other places) you can expect a Zoom interview in your near future.

Zoom interviews give the interviewee the advantage- so here are some tips to take advantage of during your Zoom interviews:

1. Setup an environment for success:
Set up where you typically work from everyday. This can be your office, kitchen counter, or your bedroom. Remember - the more familiar you are in your environment, the more success you will have. If you really want to stay alert, set the room temperature cooler than usual!

2. Prepare answers to expected questions:
If there’s one thing I know about teachers, it is that they will always be prepared. Prepare yourself with questions you could possibly face. Write them down, answer them thoroughly, and have that list directly beside your computer (where only you can see them). Also, it is a good idea to have a list of questions to ask your interviewers (out of sight - they are only for your eyes only). Place them in a location where you can casually glance back and forth at them.

3. Dress as comfortably as possible:
As always, dress professionally ... but from the waist down - make sure you are as relax as can be. Loose jeans or sweatpants can keep you feel relaxed and under control. Make sure to have on your most comfortable pair of shoes on - if you choose to even wear them!

Best of luck on your new endeavors.


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