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5 Ways to Help Teachers Survive from Home

5 Ways to Help Teachers Survive from Home


Struggling with uncertainty? “Teaching from home” is a phrase we all have to get used to and it will take some time adjusting. As of today my district closed until April 14th, so for the next twenty seven days I must figure out my new routine. I know some other districts that are out longer or have closed down for the entire year - leaving teachers, students, and parents speechless and anxious. 

Us teachers are creatures of habit and will definitely come up with creative routines to thrive throughout this setback. Here are 5 ways to help teachers survive from home:

Establish a Routine 

First and foremost, having a routine similar to your work schedule would be beneficial. Maybe sleeping in an extra hour won't hurt either ;) but make sure you are being efficient between your normal working hours if you have the opportunity to. For parents also working with their own children home, try your best to also keep them in a routine. This routine might include time to play outside, read books, and relax on the couch - but a routine will still help everyone!

Emails/Social Media

Reaching out to your students via social media, sending emails to parents with free resources, or online teaching platforms they can use at home. More importantly, check in with your students in some way, shape, or form. A simple shout-out to all your classes on social media can be inspiring to let students know that you are thinking about them and are still here for them.

Learn a New Skill

Take full advantage of working from home by learning a new skill. My new skills are gardening and doing what I am doing now - writing blogs. Here are some skills you can sharpen up on: gardening, spring cleaning, painting, puzzles, trying a new coffee recipe, baking, or playing an instrument. 

Get Some Sun!

During the school year most of our days are spent inside of a building - with some of us not even being able to step outside for a period of 8 hours. Take some time to go for a mid-day walk, take your dog for an adventure, sit on your back porch with some coffee, and just enjoy the sun. 

Give yourself Time for Self-care

Many of us are anxious and nervous right now. And listen, we are in the middle of a global pandemic - these feelings are valid and you do not need to hide them. However, it is important for us to also not let these feelings of anxiety and nervousness control us. So, give yourself space to feel what you’re feeling - but also take the time to do something that will distract you from or alleviate those feelings. This might be laying on the couch staring at the ceiling, watching Netflix, drinking a glass of wine, or meeting with your friends online for a virtual ‘Happy Hour’. Remember, teachers are human too - the best you can do is what you are already doing. 

Teach on, 


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