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Serving America's Educators
7 Ways Teachers Can Increase Their Income

7 Ways Teachers Can Increase Their Income

With the holidays around the corner, I know we are all wondering how to make more money to spend on our loved ones. On top of that, as hard as teachers have worked the last year, some extra money for a getaway trip would be nice too. 

Here are some tips on how to make some extra money for the holidays:

  1. TeacherPayTeachers - The world's largest online market for educators to sell their lesson plans. It is a great way to take advantage of the hard work you’ve already completed. Here’s a guide to help you get started
  1. Etsy - Open up an Etsy Shop. Let your artistic and creative skills shine - just like they do in the classroom. Etsy is a hot spot for shoppers during the holidays because you can always find the right gift with the perfect touch.
  1. Start a Blog - As educators, we brainstorm and organize our thoughts daily. So how to naturally share those ideas with the world? You can easily start a blog. Share your experiences because I am sure there is a group of people waiting to hear from you. 
  1. Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is promoting a company’s or other people’s products while earning a commission. Find something you are passionate about - books, shoes, clothes, coffee - become an affiliate for a company that you can advocate for. 
  1. Write an E-Book - Share your wealth of knowledge and start making money. E-books are extremely portable and can be shared through a PDF countless times. The neat thing about an e-book is that you only have to build it once but it can be sold endlessly. 
  1. Sell your own talents - Websites like Fiverr give you the opportunity to showcase your talents and charge your own price. From web design, to marketing, to consulting, to ghostwriting … the list is endless!
  1. Mow Lawns and do handy work - I know plenty of teachers who take pride in their lawn year round. Spreading that knowledge to neighbors and friends can make you some extra money just in time for the holidays. My former co-worker and great friend is a full time athletic trainer and does lawn care on the side - follow Don’s Lawns for tips on lawn care. 

As the holidays are quickly approaching, use your given skills to make some extra money. I know as teachers we work plenty as it is but if you are ever in a pinch, I hope these ideas can help someone. Feel free to message me if you have any questions on getting started on your holiday side hustle.

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