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Drinking Coffee is the New Self Improvement!

Drinking Coffee is the New Self Improvement!

For most of us, coffee is habitual. It also tends to be a good habit that we picked up from a family member. Coffee wakes us up in the morning, keeps us warm on those chilly nights, and is always brewing at our family gatherings.

More than that, scientific research has shown that coffee helps improve brain function and slows down aging - and a recent study has revealed that there are even more health benefits than we thought!

Recent studies done by researchers at University of Illinois shows that caffeine seems to slow weight gain from an obesogenic diet (AKA: a diet that would normally make you gain weight) by decreasing the amount of lipids that are stored in fat cells. They also found that caffeine can also decrease the production of triglycerides (a type of fat that is stored in fat cells that is released between meals). In simple terms, coffee can help you lose a little fat and prevent weight gain. Amen! Another reason to drink more coffee - to better your health! 

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