Everything You Need to Know About ClearTheList Foundation!

Everything You Need to Know About ClearTheList Foundation!

So, what is ClearTheList? Their mission is to connect schools and teachers with corporations, organizations, and community members that are looking to contribute to the enhancement of learning opportunities for all students. They provide resources, including grant opportunities, for teachers to build their classroom tools, supplies, and resources.

How exactly did we (25/8 Coffee Co.) and CTL cross paths? Well, we are both founded by passionate educators who are on the same mission, just through two different avenues. We knew from the very beginning that our collaboration was a no brainer to better provide supplies for teachers. 

We are so passionate about providing supplies for teachers because soo many teachers are funding their classrooms from their own pockets! Did you know that, on average, teachers in the US are spending $500 of their own money on school supplies. Now, though schools being underfunded is not the only reason that teachers are stressed, 58% of classroom teachers currently  describe their mental health as “not good” - and nearly ⅔ of all teachers say their job is “always stressful”! As a result, a recent Gallup poll shows that almost ½ of the teachers in the U.S. say they are actively looking for a new job other than teaching.

So, once we saw these data, we knew we had to do something to help. So, we are joining forces with CTL to make sure teachers are getting what they need and to lighten their load even just a little! How can you help? Well, this month, we are giving 10% of our profits back to the CTL Foundation! We have a new, exclusive CTL Coffee available for purchase in our store!

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