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How to Make Starbucks Coffee at Home.

How to Make Starbucks Coffee at Home.

Well, it has been about a month now since teachers were last in their classrooms. All of us have been busy teaching online, missing our students, keeping our families healthy …. and drinking way more coffee than usual. 

We are currently on a ‘stay at home’ order here in Texas. Luckily for us, we are still encouraged to safely engage in the outdoors – which, for us, includes a daily drive around town to the beach. One of the things we have noticed on our drive is that, without fail and no matter the time of day, the drive through line at Starbucks is longer than ever. We can only assume this is because the in-store café is closed and the drive through is the only option. 

Now, why are we telling you this? Well, the long lines at Starbucks inspired us to tackle some of their recipes at home so that we could share them with you – so you can skip the line and stay home!

Today, we’re sharing our cold brew recipe – which is one of our absolute favourite coffee recipes to make at home when we can’t grab one at Starbucks!

We’re going to make a 24 oz cold brew with this recipe, but feel free so scale up or down!

You’re going to need:

20 oz container (I prefer large glass mason jars)

12 oz water 

40 grams of whole bean coffee 

Cheese cloth or a French press 


  1.  Grind your coffee to a coarse ground – your coffee should still look chunky. This is important! You want the beans to be the right grind so that you get the right flavour in your cold brew and also don’t get fine coffee grind residue in your drink. 
  2.  Combine coffee with 12oz water in your 20 oz container. Mix them well and cover. Leave in the refrigerator a minimum of 18 hours (although I personally prefer 24 hours). 
  3.  Once your coffee has set, remove it from the refrigerator and strain it into a new, clean container. I find it easiest to strain my coffee using a French press (transfer the coffee a bit at a time, press the beans slowly to the bottom, and then pour off the coffee into the cup I am using for the day) but you can definitely strain it using a cheese cloth as well.
  4.  Once all of my coffee is strained, I add ice and 10 ounces of cold, fresh water … and then enjoy it! 

If you scale up the recipe, you can store the strained cold brew in the refrigerator for about a week (some people store it for longer but I prefer not to).

Make sure you let us know if you try the recipe – and which Starbucks recipe you’d like us to re-create next! 

Teach on,

Joey and Kerri Lynn

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