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How to Make Texas Cowboy Coffee

How to Make Texas Cowboy Coffee

Texas is known for its cowboys, it’s massive open land, lifelong Texas pride, and good ol’ BBQ! Sadly, Texas is not really known for their coffee. Some Texas cities have world famous brews, coffee shops popping up on every corner, and baristas with recipe books a mile long.

We’re here to change that for you - with some good ol’ Texas Cowboy Coffee! Here is an age-old simple coffee brewing technique passed down from my grandfather!!

As a child my grandpa used to spend summers with us. As all grandparents do, he would wake up at 4:30 am and get the coffee pot going. I was fascinated by coffee at a young age and wanted to see his methods. So one day I got up at 4:30 am with grandpa to witness his recipe firsthand. He would always use the oldest pot in the house and say that’s what “gives it more flavor.”

1-2 oz Ground coffee
Whole milk
The oldest cooking pot you have (remember - it adds flavor!)

Watch us make it here!

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