Serving America's Educators
Serving America's Educators
How to Reach Students Who Are Not in Front of You

How to Reach Students Who Are Not in Front of You

Covid-19 will forever be a part of education history. How you reacted to the circumstances surrounding it and dealt with the situation will also become part of your own personal history. The world keeps reminding us to stay inside, put our masks on, and limit our human interactions. Most of us have taken the precautions to protect our family and friends. However, what is not recommended is to shut down and fall off the face of the earth. 

For the last 7 months, there has been one constant in the lives of your students - YOU. As their teacher, you’re someone they have come to look up to, confide in, and look to for positive reinforcements.

As I am responding to emails from parents and students right now, I can feel their need for positive reinforcement. In these crazy times, they need your steadiness, your comfort, and, most of all, your open ears. 

Reaching out to students and creating new avenues to connect with them has never been easier - or more important. You can literally email colleagues, teachers, and students while on your couch drinking coffee (and, let’s be honest, watching Tiger King). The internet is a tool that we must use to our advantage to make sure our students come out of this (hopefully) once in a lifetime pandemic stronger than before. 

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