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Are you contemplating leaving education?

Are you contemplating leaving education?

With teachers leaving the profession at an alarming rate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality educators. Even I am guilty of waking up on Monday mornings contemplating a career change .. but by midday it becomes obvious to me that I am exactly where I need to be.

So, the question is, where are teachers going when they leave? Are they not making enough money? Are they going back to school? Taking on a new profession entirely?

If you find yourself struggling financially, I challenge you to try to find an innovative way to supplement your income before you leave the profession entirely. As educators, we have a particular skill set that allows us to be innovators and to thrive in almost any situation. Educators are self motivated, empathetic, great public speakers, have excellent writing skills, are capable of multitasking, and thrive under pressure.

So what are some ways to actually supplement your income? Try starting with platforms like Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). This platform has worked incredibly well for some teachers - my best friend recently told me he was able to buy a new car this Christmas because of TPT! You can also try providing writing and public speaking services to provide another source of income.

With the current state of our educational system - lack of funds, overwhelming expectations and lack of appreciation - we must adapt to the times and use adversity as a platform to showcase an educators qualities. 

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