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Serving America's Educators
The emotional roller coaster of teachers!

The emotional roller coaster of teachers!

The most thrilling roller coaster ride ever! 


Your ride takes off on a Monday ... at its highest peak you experience euphoria when students achieve success, engage in your creative lesson plans, and collaborate to come up with new ideas. Usually by Tuesday though … you’re already on the way down – often feeling defeated, stressed, and questioning if you’re cut out for this job. Why? Well, mainly because your students have already shut down and are ignoring your creative lessons to be on their phones and then proceed to curse you out because you hold them accountable. By Wednesday, you are sloooowly headed back up to the peak of the ride because students are feeling excited to debate – the positive thoughts and energy are soaring again! Wednesdays are good. Thursdays though ... students are talking about a fight they saw the entire period, videos of it are passed around … and your lesson and voice are irrelevant. You’re basically talking to yourself. But you can always tell when it is Friday because everyone is happy! And, well yeah you get it – it is Friday and the weekend looms full of adventure!

So as your ride ends, and your heart rate on your watch reflects your inconsistent metrics for the past week – it is time to enjoy the restful weekend, because a new roller coaster ride is coming on Monday morning and we need our adrenaline fix!
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