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Serving America's Educators
Understanding the world of coffee.

Understanding the world of coffee.

In our ‘Everything You Need to Know About 25/8 Coffee’ video, we talked about why our coffee is whole bean. 

Since this isn’t an exam, we will remind you that our coffee is sent to you whole bean so that you can grind it the perfect way for how you prepare your coffee! Did you know that different types of coffee preparation methods require different grinds of coffee? 

You might be wondering … Kerri Lynn, what does that even mean? 

Well, if you love yourself some drip coffee (usually using a machine) then you need a medium grind. Medium grind coffee should be the consistency of sea salt. If you prefer to use a French press to make your coffee, then you need a coarse ground. Coarse ground coffee should be chunky. Coarse ground coffee is also used to prepare cold brew coffee and Percolator. For a pour over preparation, you’ll need a happy medium-coarse grind. If you prefer espresso or using a fancy Moka pot, you’ll need a finely ground coffee – ground to resemble table salt

So, with all those different kinds of popular prep methods – how can we be sure we’re sending you the right grind of coffee? And what if you want drip coffee on weekday mornings and want to relax with some espresso or French press coffee on the weekends? 

Do you understand our dilemma now?

So, we chose to send you whole bean coffee – maybe even to encourage you to try fun, new ways to prep your coffee! 

In case you don’t already have a coffee grinder, we have added some links to grinders from all different price ranges. Also, there is some debate about using an electric blade versus a manual grinder versus a conical style coffee grinder – but that is a discussion for another day! 

So, here is a list of coffee grinders we have used / have gotten excellent reviews! These are just suggestions though – and we would love to hear your thoughts too!

KRUPS Electric Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel Blades (13.88$)


Hamilton Beach Electric Coffee Grinder – Stainless Steel Blades (15.96$)

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder (33.99$)

Cuisinart Automatic Burr Mill (38.87$)

Baratza Conical Coffee Grinder (139$)


Drink on, 

Kerri Lynn

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