New Coffee Blend coming soon!
New Coffee Blend coming soon!
Why Do Teachers Need Coffee?

Why Do Teachers Need Coffee?

I will never forget my 9th grade English teacher’s coffee breath wafting into my face as she graded my essay over my shoulder. Ever since then, I just assumed it was a requirement for teachers to drink coffee in the classroom. And, honestly, once I became a teacher I realized why teachers need their coffee. 

Teachers and coffee will forever be synonymous with each other. It is ingrained in our routine and we often find ourselves needing it to conquer the day. That is why we chose to name our coffee blends after what teachers face every day:

30+ desks - As funding decreases and enrolment rises, teachers are seeing a higher number of desks (and in the students filling those desks) in their classes. For this reason we need all the coffee we can get to help every one of our students.

Multitasker Blend - We sign a contract to become teachers … but also seamlessly take on the roles of a custodian, nurse, counsellor, friend, mentor, and coach. We are the masters of multitasking. We definitely earn this blend every day!

Organized Chaos - In a classroom full of 30 personalities, it is tough to know your everyday expectations. However, we have learned to be like a duck - calm on the surface, but below the surface PADDLE LIKE HELL. 

#ClearTheList Coffee - Helping each other is how we make impactful changes for future generations. Teachers supporting teachers, sharing ideas, and passing the torch is what this blend represents!

Now, not only does coffee give us the energy we need to conquer our day, but it is also keeping us healthy! Coffee has been shown to improve brain function, slow down again, and prevent weight gain! It also is full of antioxidants, which help you body fight off free radicals that can damage your cells!

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